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Harvest featured in “Sophisticated Living” July-August 2011 Issue

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Harvest was featured in the July/August issue of “Sophisticated Living” magazine. Writer Bridget Williams had some great things to say about our menu, drinks, and overall concept. An excerpt from the article:

The meteoric rise in popularity of neighborhood farmers’ markets and CSA’s underscores the growing sentiment among their patrons that eating local nourishes more than the body. Factor in higher global food costs and becoming a locavore works on a multitude of levels for consumer and local farmers alike. Ivor Chodkowski , one of the region’s early and staunchest advocates of sustainable agriculture, helms the team behind Harvest, a locally focused casual fine dining restaurant on East Market Street. An organic farmer since 1997, Chodkowski operates the eight-acre Field Day Family Farm on the Bullitt property and facilitated Grasshopper Distribution, whose aim is to connect a portion of the 82,000 small farmers in Kentucky with a variety of steady customers, including fine dining establishments. His primary partners in Harvest include childhood friends, brothers Peter and Patrick Kuhl, as well as Jim McArthur.

Read the entire article.

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