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“Went on business.  Found it on yelp.  One of the best restaurants I’ve been to anywhere in the U.S.”

“I took some friends down from NJ to experience Derby weekend this year, and this was the first place I took them. Everyone loved their food. If you see the bbq plate on the menu, GET IT! Best wings I have ever had.”

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I had one of the best burgers of my life. A friend had the pizza of the day and it was also FABULOUS. The service was top-notch, the atmosphere was comfortable, and the concept is one of the best around. My only complaint was the noise”.

“I’m a big fan of Harvest. It’s within walking distance of the downtown core, so it’s after-work friendly and the decor is warm. The walls are lined with photos of the farmers.”

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“My husband and I wanted to eat at a locally owned establishment, So when we found Harvest I was very excited. The food was amazing, the best I ever had and the service was top notch… I have been telling everybody.”

“We had a great time with some of the best food anywhere we have traveled. I would go a little out of my way to include a dinner stop here.”

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“My family and I loved every morsel that we were served at Harvest. The restaurant prides itself on serving local cuisine. Pictures of the local farmers adorn the walls and rustic tables create a welcoming environment. Three of us enjoyed the steak dinner and one of us chose the pork confit. There was nothing left to share. Our waitress was warm and friendly and made my kids feel very welcome. Worth the 3-hour drive from Columbus to Nulu in Louisville. We will be back!”

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