Harvest Restaurant

Top Restaurants in Louisville

Ivor Chodkowski Farmer and owner of Harvest – one of the Top Restaurants in Louisville

Top Restaurants in Louisville

Have you ever sat in a restaurant and wondered where the ingredients on you plate came from… and when you go to pay the check have you ever stopped to consider where your hard earned cash goes, for example, does it get banked and transferred to some far away corporate head office or circulated back into your local economy.

When you eat at Harvest you will not only be supporting the local economy but you will be supporting the local farmers too. That’s because we are all about local – to be precise local and sustainable. Over 80% of our food is locally sourced, from farmers who pride themselves in producing premium produce. This is the simple idea behind our reputation for being one of the top places to eat in Louisville

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We are one of the pioneering Louisville restaurants that offer a ‘farm-to-fork’ dining experience. All of this is down to the vision of one man…. local farmer Ivor Chodkowski…. a long time activist in the cause of supporting local and healthy food. Chodkowski opened Harvest with a dream to serve great, seasonal, healthy food and in three years his vision has taken off. Harvest is now recognised as one of the top restaurants in Louisville Kentucky and one of the healthiest places to eat in the area.